14 days 13 nights




1 Because Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in South America, easy to visit, and enjoyable for its charming people and safety. Water is really good and you can drink it from the tab or even from the inland rivers.
2 Because you can stay at lovely Estancias Gauchas, that besides cycling you can also enjoy horseriding, fishing, swimming at streams, or birdwatching the 400 variety of uruguayan birds.
3 Excellent quiet roads, lack of big mountains, but still wide open prairies, where the pampas are slightly hilly. Cycling in Uruguay would be graded as “easy” or “A” grade.
4 We can mix variety of boat excursions at the huge Rivers of Uruguay
5 Interesting towns such as Paso de los Toros, Tacuarembo, San Gregorio de Polanco and others.
6 Fantastic meat barbeques and great beer!

Cylcling distances that we will have to do per day.:
2nd day as much as you can is a trying your bikes day
3rd day 26 (not asphalt)
4th day 59km (asfalt, and some bad roads.)
5th day 54km ( most asfalt)
6th day 40 km (in the morning, asphalt) 36 (in the afternoon, asphalt)
7th day very little biking most river boat excursion
8th day 46 ( 40 asfalt and 6 bad road)
9th day “tour de france” 12 kilometers bad road
11th day 21 and then at San Gregorio what you visit
12th day very little just site seeing the town
13th day 46 km (good road)

grade (experienced): we will cycle by national roads, which have not too much traphic. Uruguay is slightly hilly, but still not flat, like holland or the argentinian pampa, so you will have to do some efforts in our hills. Still, we do not have mountains, so the cycle in that sense is quite easy. Nevertheless, notice, that we cycle up to 74 km one day, so you have to have a good training for this itinerary and have to be in good phisic conditions. Still we have some more relaxed days. Most of our cycling is on asphalt, but some will be on basalt roads .or even land land.but these two are the least.

Tourism impact consciousness We are very cary about the impact that tourism can do on our country. Therefore, we work with small groups where we can control the possibility of any bad care, and at the same time give a peronalized service. Our 20 years experience with tourists, keep us thinking that tourism is the best way to unite people, countries, and one of the biggest weapons mankind has for peace. Most of our clients, are so nice, that we say, we shouldn´t charge, but pay them, for the life experience they share with us, and the news they bring from a more developped world. Still they adore our slow way of living. Some places we visit have never seen someone who doesnt speak their language (spanish) so you might be seen in a certain way as an ET if you speak other language than spanish. Although Uruguay is very wellknown for its resort Punta del Este, where we do receive lots of international tourism, But our vision is to not to visit turistic places of Uruguay, but more authentic. We like to show more our culture, and where our clients can interact with the inland people. We are lucky, as generally the people we receive are conscious of a world home where we are all part of a house that is ours and we must keep it in order for the next generations.
As soon as tourists arrive, they get involved with Uruguay, some nostalgig feeling keeps them coming back.....



1st day. MONTEVIDEO. Meet and greet at the airport . Transfer to downtown hotel, (with bycicles if you bring them) dinner and Lodging.
2nd day. MONTEVIDEO montevideo city tour in the morning, lunch at mercado del Puerto to try one of the barbecues and folkloric market. In the afternoon, try bycicles by the magnifiscent ramblas of Montevideo.
Breakfast at hotel and transfer with the bycicles to the bus who will take us to Florida. One hour by bus and arriving we will visit the town, cycling and visiting the Cathedral of the 33 orientales, the River Santa Lucía, where the poet of Uruguay Juan Zorrilla de San Martin, theatralized the “Leyenda Patria” (homeland¨s legend).From florida we will start cyclying to our first Estancia Gaucha in the region of Florida, where we will have lunch. In the afternoon, free to cycle in the farm or horseride, or visit and fish at the river of the farm. Tea, dinner and lodging at the estancia.
4TH day .FLORIDA – SARANDI GRANDE Breakfast at the estancia gaucha and from there we will cycle to the town of La Cruz. 50 years ago, the train stopped passing by this small town, and looks very much like 90 years ago. There we will have lunch at a small town bar. To continue to our new Estancia Gaucha in the region of Sarandí Grande. The owners of the estancia will receive us with tea, and we will be able to visit the estancia, dinner and lodging.
5th day SARANDI GRANDE- DURAZNO breakfast at the estancia, and then cycle to Durzno city. 1st capital of Uruguay, then moved to Montevideo. Arriving we will have lunch. The afternoon is free for rest or visit and cycle the city, St. Peter Cathedral, Rivera museum or the beaches of River Yi, the park of the 33 orientales, admiring the vegetation with its autoctonous trees of Uruguay. Dinner and lodging at hotel in Durazno (tourist).
6th day DURAZNO-CARLOS REYLES-PASO DE LOS TOROS Breakfast at hotel., and early we begin to cycle towards Carlos Reyles, where we will visit some caves. We will have lunch at a family house as in this small place there is no restaurant. After lunch departure to Paso de los Toros, where we will stay in a small cabin. Dinner and lodging.
7th day PASO DE LOS TOROS –RIVER EXCURSION – FISHING- RINCON DEL BONETE-- Breakfast at the cabin, in the morning we will byke to the river, will embarc on a small boat, where we will take our bicycles on board. This is a superb excursion that lasts 3 hours, and where we will picnic on sandy part of the river, we will be able to fish aswell in this inmense river. Arriving to rincon del bonete dam (the first constructed in Uruguay) we will cross the dam to see the sandy and lonely beaches from the other side of the lake. The spider phenomenon of trees. We will visit the dam inside, where the history of the flood of 1959 (worse than Katrina). Will be explained. Dinner at Rincon del Bonete. Lodging.
8th day RINCON DEL BONETE – ESTANCIA GAUCHA (SALSIPUEDES) breakfast at the hotel and then we wil cycle towards the 3rd Estancia Gaucha in Salsipuedes. Before arriving the estancia, we will cross the emblematic stream, where the last Charruas indians were killed under the forces of Bernabé Rivera. We enter by a road pass 2 estancias and we will arrive probably for lunch. Dinner and lodging at the Estancia Gaucha.
9th day. ESTANCIA GAUCHA (SALSIPUEDES)- “tour de France” Breakfast at the estancia. In the morning we will do our “tour de France” as the ghost town, with 3 houses is called France. The town has an old bar of Gauchos, the school, and the railway station) back to the farm we will have lunch and rest, visiting the rivers, or fishing, or just having a knap under the huge eucaliptus in the flintstone style garden of the farm. Work with animals, or read. Tea, and barbeque to admire the southern hemisphere stars.lodging at the Estancia Gaucha
10th day. ESTANCIA GAUCHA (SALSIPUEDES) Breakfast in the morning and we will cycle or horsride in the open prairie to arrive to the abandonned house. Probable, portugues fort (200 years old) that was used for defense of the Charruas indians. Lunch at the Estancia, and in the afternoon rural activities
11th day. ESTANCIA GAUCHA (SALSIPUEDES)- SAN GREGORIO DE POLANCO breakfast at the estancia, early we will cycle towards route 20 to take a bus that will take us to SanGregorio de Polanco. Arriving we will admire the 300.000 hectares lake produced by the 3 dams that give electricity to Uruguay. Lunch at hotel, and afternoon to cycle the town and cross the lake with our bycicles to the other side of the lake (region of Durazno) by “balsa”. Also we will visit the open museum of argentinian, uruguayan, paraguayan and brazilian paintors. Dinner and lodging at San Gregorio.
12 th day. SAN GREGORIO DE POLANCO-TACUAREMBO Breakfast at hotel. We will embark our bykes and ourselves on a bus to Tacuarembo. Arriving at Tacuarembo, we will cycle to our hotel.Cycle the city, and visit Geocience and Gaucho Museum. Lunch, dinner. Lodging at hotel.
13th day TACUAREMBO- MUSEO CARLOS GARDEL Breakfast at hotel. In the morning cycle to Eden Valley. Where we will visit the Gardel Museum where the real story of why Carlos Gardel is uruguayan and not argentinian or french will be understood. There is also an old railway station, cycling back to tacuarembo, we will be able to visit the Batovi cemetry. (a mountain that has been used as a cemetry). Lunch, dinner and lodging.
14th day TACUAREMBO- MONTEVIDEO breakfast at hotel, and then we will embark with our bycicles to Montevideo by bus. Arrivining in Montevideo, we offer an optional night or transfer to airport to embark to your country.

End of our services

Price per passenger double occupancy with private bath Euros 1280
This price doesn´t include bycicles as most of our clients bring their own. We can provide bycyles at an extra cost of 120 euros the 14 days.
Price includes: all transfers, meals, lodgings at hotels and estancias gauchas, horserides, drinks in restaurants and meals.
With guide. Minimum of 6 maximum up to 16, leader included on price.
Without guide: we can handle small groups from 4 to 6
Extra charge for singles: 30%

When? Any time, we recommend not summer or winter, mid seasons is the best.

Other possible trips after: iguazu falls , Buenos Aires, Punta del Este, Colonia del Sacramento.
We can Taylor make other bike packages in Uruguay